On the night of Eid ul Fitr 

On the night of Eid ul Fitr perform 2 rakaats after Mughrib Salaah with the intention that Allah must grant you long life, in the first rakaat after Surah Fateha recite the verses from Surah Al Imraan,

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In the second rakaat after Surah Fateha these verse of Surah Ibrahim;

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After Salaam, recite seven times,

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On the day of Eid immediately after Eid Salaah and the Eid Khutbah, perform 4 rakaats with one Salaam, in the first rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Subbihisma, in the second rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Washams, in the third rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Waduha and in the fourth rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlaas. The sawaab for this salaah is equivalent to one thousand fast, one thousand salaahs and one thousand Hajj. Also on the day of Eid perform two rakaats of Salaatul Istikhaara, in the first rakaat read Surah Al Kaafiroon three times and in the second rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlaas three times. One should ask Allah to guide you and bless you with all that is good for you. Also on the night of Eid ul Fitr one must read 12 rakaats with 3 salaams. In
every rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlaas 15 times.One who reads this Salaah, Allah will grant one the sawaab of one year of Ibaadath and if one passes away in that year one will be granted the death of a martyr. Keep the six fasts of Shawwal. Either one could keep these fasts continuously or keep them at intervals during the 30 days of Shawwal. It is preferable to keep these fasts continuously after the day of Eid. Allah Ta-ala grants one the sawaab of 2 years. In another hadith it is stated that one can get the reward of freeing 60 000 slaves, giving away 600 000 camels in the path of Allah, and every fast one keeps one will get the
sawaab of 600 000 years of lbaadath.


The fasts of Ayaame Beed

Fasting on the 13th, 14th and I5th of every month. Sayedina Ali R.A. has stated that Rasullulah S.A.W. has said that Sayedina Jibreel R.A. reported that when Sayedina Adam  was sent down to the earth his entire body had turned black. It was the 13th of the month and that Sayedina Adam R.A. had cried so much that a stream was flowing because of his tears. He questioned Sayedina Jibraeel R.A to what had happened to the beauty of his body and what had happened 'to the clothing of paradise that he was wearing' and where Bibi Hawa was. Sayedina Jibraeel R.A. replied that he did not know except that Allah Ta-Ala had commanded him to fast on this 13th day. As a result of this fasting part of his body had become white. Sayedina Adam A.S was also asked to fast on the 14th day and immediately the second half of his body became white and when he fasted again on the 15th, his entire body became white as before. He regained his beauty and elegance. Therefore these 3 days of fasting are called Ayaame Beed. One who keeps fast on one day of Ayaam-e-Beed, a third of a portion of ones sins will be forgiven. If one keeps the second fast, two thirds will be forgiven, and if one keeps the third fast one's sins will be entirely forgiven. Then Sayedina Jibraeel A.S. told our Nabi S.A.W. that there will be glad tidings on you and your Ummat so tell your Ummat to keep the fastings of Ayaam-e- Beed. The Prophet S.A.W. instructed Sayedina Ali R.A. and said to him, “O’ Ali R.A. remain steadfast on the keeping the fast of Ayaam-e-Beed, if one remains steadfast and keeps the fast, for the 13th Allah will reward him with reward of 2000 years, for the 14th Allah will reward him with the reward of 30 000 years, and for the 15th Allah will reward him with the reward of 100 000 years. Allah also specifically praised the people of fasting. In Surah Al Ahzaab Allah says, “The fasting believing man and the fasting believing women!” the fast that these believers are praised for here are the fasts of the month of Ramadaan and Ayaame Beed!

In the book Fawaidul Fawaid, once some one enquired of Sayedina Abu Abbas R.A. that which of the fasts are the best? Sayedina Abu Abbas R.A. said that, "If you want to keep the fast of Dawood R.A, then keep fast for one day and break the fast the next day, do this for an entire year" "If, you want to keep the fasts of Suleiman R.A. then you should fast for 3 days in every month." "If, you want to keep the fast of Sayedina Isa R.A. then fast for the whole year and if, you want to keep the fast of our Nabi S.A.W. then keep the fast of Ayaam-e-Beed."
Sayedina Anas R.A. narrated that during the month of Shawwal if one would read 12 rakaats of Salaah and in every rakaat recite Surah Ikhlaas once after Surah Fateha, thereafter reading 70 times Kalima Tamjeed and 70 times 'Astaghfirrullah wa atubu elaih', the fountain of wisdom will flow from one's heart and tongue, one will be kept away from the hardships of the Duniya and the Aakhirat and Allah will forgive one for one's entire sins, ones debts will be paid, in paradise one will be awarded a special orchard which will have 10 000 fruits and one will be given the permission to make intercession of 700 people and take them to Jannath.